Minor Program in Education and Society (Vic CTEP)

The minor in Education and Society is a requirement of the Concurrent Teacher Education Program (CTEP) at Victoria College. Students applying to CTEP must request this minor at the time of application. The minimum requirements are four completed full course equivalents, including PSY100H1, and a competitive CGPA. This program is open only to those students in CTEP.

(4 full courses or their equivalent, including at least one 300+ series course)

1. PSY100H1.

2. Any additional half-year or full year/first course selected from ANT100Y, SOC101Y, SOC102H1, SOC103H1 or GGR124H1. Vic One Ryerson students may satisfy this requirement with either VIC150Y1 or VIC151Y1.

3. VIC260H1 Equity and Diversity in Education, VIC261H1 Child and Adolescent Development in Education, JSV200H1 Communication and Conflict Resolution.

4. VIC360H1/Y1 CTEP Internship.

5. One full course related to Education and Society at the 300+ level selected from the offerings in Sociology, Anthropology or Geography (Arts).

Current Students