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These courses provide an opportunity to design an interdisciplinary course of study not otherwise available within the Faculty. An application including a detailed proposal, reading list, and a letter of support from a Victoria College faculty member who is prepared to supervise must be made through the Program Director for approval by Victoria College Council’s Academic Advisory Committee.

Prerequisite: A minimum CGPA of 3.0 and have completed 10 FCEs and permission of College Program Director.
Distribution Requirement Status: VIC390H1/Y1 and VIC490H1/Y1 are Social Science courses; VIC391H1/Y1 and VIC491H1/Y1 are Humanities courses.
Breadth Requirement: None

VIC Independent Studies Policy: 

  • The principal instructor must be a Vic Fellow or Associate

  • A student is limited to a 1 FCE for a VIC Independent Study Course

  • If a student proposes two 0.5 VIC Independent Study Courses, these should be at different levels (i.e., 3rd and 4th year) and with different instructors,

  • VIC Independent Studies Courses are not offered in the summer term (This is because of difficulties summer independent studies courses impose on faculty who may be away and unable to consult regularly with their student, or provide marks by summer deadlines set by FAS).

Instructions for submitting an Independent Study Application

Please download and complete the Vic Independent Study Form from here:
Vic Independent Study Application Form [PDF]

Please note: information entered into the form can be saved.

Once you fill out the application, complete the short form below and upload the application along with all the following supporting documents:

1) Course description with Bibliography
2) Supervisor's letter of support
3) Unofficial Transcript

Please note: the application page is optimized for use with Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers. Please avoid using Safari when submitting the application.

If you have any questions, please contact

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