Program Requirements

Material Culture Minor (Arts program) 

(4.0 FCE including at least 1.0 FCE at the 300+ level)

1. VIC224Y1/VIC225Y1 

2. 2.5 FCE from VIC224Y1/VIC225Y1 (if not used to fulfill requirement 1), VIC229H1, VIC229Y1, VIC326H1, VIC327H1, VIC328H1, VIC329H1, VIC329Y1, VIC373H1, VIC429H1 or cognate courses, with at least 0.5 FCE at the 300+ level.  No more than 1.0 FCE may be chosen from the list of cognate courses.

3. VIC444H1 

Cognate courses: ANT349H1, ANT372H1, ANT412H1, ANT457H1, ARH309H1, EAS219H1, EAS297H1, EAS354H1, EAS406Y1, EAS412H1, FAH205H1, FAH319H1, FAH338H1, FAH353H1, FAH436H1, FAH463H1, FAH480H1, FAH483H1, FAH484H1, HIS302H1, HIS310H1, HIS358H1, HIS463H1, HIS484H1, HPS202H1, HPS401H1, HPS430H1, HPS431H1, NMC264H1, NMC394H1, NMC464H1, RLG305H1, RLG307H1. 

Students who achieve at least 77% in Vic One courses VIC183H1 or VIC184H1 may count one of these toward the Minor and use it to fulfil this requirement

Current Students