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Vic One Hundred / First-Year Foundations Seminars
Vic One Hundred/First-Year Foundations (FYF) seminars are an opportunity for you to study exciting, interdisciplinary topics in a small-class setting. Learn fundamental skills for academic success from outstanding instructors, while benefitting from the support of dedicated peer mentors. Join a vibrant, diverse group of students and find your place in the Victoria College community.

How to enrol
You can add Vic One Hundred/FYF courses through ACORN/ROSI. No special application is required. 

Priority will be given to Victoria College students at the beginning of course registration. Thereafter, Vic One Hundred/FYF seminars will be open to all first year students in the Faculty of Arts and Science who are NOT enrolled in a college One program. Enrolment is limited to 1.0 FCE (full course equivalent). You may take a combination of Vic One Hundred and FYF seminar half-year courses as long as your enrolment in them does not exceed 1.0 FCE.

All Vic One Hundred Seminars satisfy the Victoria College Small-Course Requirement.

For more information, please contact Chris de Barros at

Current Students