Amir Rafat

Amir Rafat

Number of years at the university: 3
Studies: Semiotic and Physiologiy

What did you study before your enrolled in this program (in High School and University)
A.R.- High School: mostly science
University: I took Semiotic as an elective and got really interested in the field.

Why did you decide to enrol in this program?
A.R.- Semiotic is very interesting, and the professors are inspiring.

What do you like with this program? What does it bring you?
A.R.- Small class sizes
- More interaction with the professor
- Great classmates
- Interesting fields

What do you want to do later? (studies and profession)
A.R.- I would like to go to graduate school, depending on my interest by the time I graduate.

What do you think of…

…The homework?
A.R.- I have lots of homework, especially for my science courses

…The teacher(s)?
A.R.- I have great teachers!

… The class?
A.R.- I like the size of my semiotic class: it’s small and makes the interaction with the professor really easy.

…The campus?
A.R.- I like the library, which is the most important thing about the campus.

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