Maris Grundy

Maris Grundy


Number of years at the university:2
Semiotic Program
Detail of chosen courses: Poststructuralism, Postmodernism


What did you study before your enrolled in this program (in High School and University)
General studies

Why did you decide to enrol in this program?
I was very interested in understanding underlying meanings of different cultural texts.

What do you like with this program? What does it bring you?
It is very interpretive, and encorperates many fields of study. It opens up a lot towards how the world works.

What do you want to do later? (studies and profession)
Something that will help the world.

What do you think of…

…The homework?
Flexible, interesting, readings.

…The teacher(s)?
So far, every professor has been brilliant and enlightening. Very upbeat and funny.

… The Class?
Interesting and fun.

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