Michael Pacquing

Michael Pacquing

Number of years at the university: 2
Studies: Linguistic and Semiotic anthropology
Detail of chosen courses: Arboriginal Studies, French as a language

What did you study before your enrolled in this program (in High School and University)
M.P.- High School: music theory and instrumental music, computer science writer’s craft and media studies
University: English, French and Anthropology

Why did you decide to enrol in this program?
M.P.- I wanted to study a contemporary interdisciplinary subject which could keep the most doors open.

What do you like with this program? What does it bring you?
M.P.- I like the variety of subjects it involves as well as the diverse and open perspective it presents. It brings to me an opportunity to view the world and societies in a completely different light, as well as way to find myself.

What do you want to do later? (studies and profession)
M.P.- I would like to continue my studies in Semiotics and pursue a carrier involved in the media, particularly journalism.

What do you think of…

…The homework?
M.P.- Expected work load.

…The teacher(s)?
M.P.- Very good in field of research

… The class?
M.P.- Participating and engaging

…The campus?
M.P.- Beautiful architecture

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