Sara Jimenez

Sara Jimenez

Number of years at the university: 4

Studies: Semiotic Program


What did you study before your enrolled in this program (in High School and University)

S.J.- High school: General subjects

University: art and Spanish


Why did you decide to enrol in this program?

S.J.- Because it offered me a chance to take a wide range of different subjects.


What do you like with this program? What does it bring you?

S.J.- I like it because it studies different perspectives and questions everything.


What do you want to do later? (studies and profession)

S.J.- I don’t know; I just want to take what’d like and challenge my train of thoughts.


What do you think of…


…The homework?

S.J.- Readings… lots of readings


…The teacher(s)?

S.J.- Laid back, flexible, want us to learn and not just to memorize.


… The class?

S.J.- Open to discussions, free thinking.

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