Program Requirements

The Semiotics and Communication Studies Program

The program investigates the science of communication and sign systems, the ways people understand phenomena and organize them mentally, the ways in which they devise means for transmitting that understanding and for sharing it with others. It covers all non-verbal signalling and extends to domains whose communicative dimension is perceived only unconsciously or subliminally. Knowledge, meaning, intention and action are thus fundamental concepts in the semiotic investigation of phenomena.

Note: Enrolment in the Semiotics program is limited to students with a minimum grade of 73% in one course from the following: ANT100Y1, LIN100Y1, PHL100Y1, SOC101Y1/(SOC102H1+SOC103H1),  one FCE in Vic One. Achieving that mark does not necessarily guarantee admission to the program in any given year.

Minor program:
(4 full courses or their equivalent, including at least one 300+series course)

  1. 1.0 FCE from: ANT100Y1, LIN100Y1, PHL 100Y1,  SOC101Y/(SOC102H1+SOC103H1), one FCE in Vic One.
  2. 1.0 FCE from: VIC220Y1,VIC223Y1, VIC224Y1
  3. 1.0 FCE from:  VIC320Y1, VIC322H1, VIC323Y1, VIC324H1, VIC325H1
  4. 1.0 FCE from Groups A-E.

Note: JFV 323H1 is a recommended Group E course.

Group A: Anthropology

ANT204H1, ANT253H1, ANT322H1, ANT329H1, ANT334H1, ANT351H1, ANT356H1, ANT366H1, ANT425H1, ANT426H1, ANT427H1, ANT450H1; JAL328H1, JAL355H1

Group B: Linguistics

LIN200H1, LIN229H1, LIN232H1, LIN333H1, LIN341H1, LIN456H1; JAL328H1; JLP315H1, JLP374H1

Group C: Philosophy

PHL200Y1, PHL201H1, PHL235H1, PHL240H1, PHL243H1, PHL244H1, PHL245H1, PHL285H1, PHL304H1, PHL307H1, PHL310H1, PHL311H1, PHL314H1, PHL315H1, PHL316H1, PHL317H1, PHL320H1, PHL321H1, PHL322H1, PHL325H1, PHL326H1, PHL340H1, PHL342H1, PHL346H1, PHL351H1, PHL385H1

Group D: Psychology

PSY210H1, PSY220H1, PSY260H1, PSY270H1, PSY280H1, PSY311H1, PSY312H1, PSY316H1, PSY320H1, PSY323H1, PSY362H1, PSY370H1, PSY371H1, PSY372H1, PSY421H1, PSY434H1; JLP315H1

Group E: Other Related Area Courses

CIN201Y1, CIN270Y1, CIN301Y1, CIN310Y1, CIN330Y1, CIN332Y1, CIN314Y1; CLA203H1, CLA204H1, CLA219H1, CLA305H1, CLA388H1, CLA389H1; COG250Y1; DRM200Y1, DRM230Y1, DRM264H1; ENG382Y1, ENG384Y1; FAH231H1, FAH245H1, FAH246H1, FAH270H1, FAH272H1, FAH337H1, FAH346H1, FAH348H1, FAH372H1, FAH374H1; HIS316H1, HIS374H1, HIS375H1, HIS419H1, HIS459H1, HIS460H1; HPS201H1, HPS202H1, HPS250H1, HPS324H1; INI301H1, INI305H1; JFV323H1, JUM203H1; MUS200H1, MUS211H1, MUS303H1; NEW240Y1, NEW302Y1, NEW303H1; RLG200H1, RLG210Y1, RLG211H1, RLG212H1, RLG227H1, RLG230H1, RLG232H1, RLG249H1, RLG301H1, RLG304H1, RLG305H1, RLG315H1, RLG337H1, RLG380H1, SLA331H1, SLA442H1, SLA495H1, SLA496H1, SMC210H1, SMC219Y1, SMC387H1, SMC361H1, SMC397H1, SOC265H1, SOC365H1, SOC367H1, SOC381Y1, SOC388H1; UNI221H1, VIC202Y1, VIC302H1, VIC305H1, VIC306H1, VIC307H1, VIC322H1, VIC343Y1, VIC345H1; VIS201H1, VIS202H1, VIS203H1, VIS204H1, VIS205H1, VIS206H1, VIS207H1, VIS208H1, VIS209H1, VIS212H1, VIS213H1, VIS307H1, VIS312H1, VIS313H1; WGS271Y1, WGS372H1 

Current Students