Program Requirements

Semiotics and Communication Studies Minor (Arts Program) 

NOTE:  This is a limited enrolment program.  Admission will be determined by a student’s mark in  ANT100Y1/​LIN101H1/LIN102H1/ PHL100Y1/​SOC101H1/(SOC102H, SOC103H)/( SOC100H1, SOC150H1)/one FCE in Vic One.  

minimum mark of 73% in at least three full courses will be required for admission. Achieving that mark does not necessarily guarantee admission to the program in any given year.

4.0 FCE's, including 1.0 FCE at the 300+ level.

1. 1.0 FCE from: ANT100Y1, LIN101H1/LIN102H1, PHL100Y1, SOC100H1, (SOC102H1, SOC103H1), one FCE in Vic One.  

2. 1.0 FCE from: VIC220Y1, VIC223Y1  

3. 1.0 FCE from: VIC320Y1, VIC322H1, VIC323Y1, VIC324H1, VIC325H1 

4. 1.0 FCE from Groups A-E.

Group A: Anthropology 
ANT204H1, ANT253H1, ANT322H1, ANT329H1, ANT356H1, ANT366H1, ANT425H1, ANT426H1, ANT427H1, ANT450H1; JAL328H1, JAL355H1

Group B: Linguistics
LIN200H1, LIN229H1, LIN232H1, LIN251H1, LIN333H1, LIN341H1, LIN456H1; JAL355H1; JLP315H1, JLP374H1

Group C: Philosophy
PHL200Y1, PHL201H1, PHL235H1, PHL244H1, PHL245H1, PHL285H1, PHL304H1, PHL310H1, PHL311H1, PHL317H1, PHL320H1, PHL321H1, PHL322H1, PHL325H1, PHL340H1, PHL342H1, PHL346H1, PHL351H1, PHL385H1

Group D: Psychology
PSY210H1, PSY220H1, PSY260H1, PSY270H1, PSY280H1, PSY312H1, PSY316H1, PSY320H1, PSY323H1, PSY362H1, PSY370H1, PSY371H1, PSY372H1, PSY421H1, PSY427H1, PSY434H1; JLP315H1

Group E: Other Related Area Courses
CAS414H1; CDN221H1, CIN201Y1, CIN270Y1, CIN301Y1, CIN310Y1, CIN314Y1, CIN330Y1, CIN332Y1, CIN364H1; CLA204H1, CLA219H1, CLA305H1, CLA388H1, CLA389H1; COG250Y1; DRM230Y1, ENG382Y1, ENG384Y1; FAH231H1, FAH245H1, FAH246H1, FAH270H1, FAH272H1, FAH337H1, FAH346H1, FAH348H1, FAH372H1, FAH374H1; FRE310H1; HIS374H1, HIS459H1 OR HIS460H1; HPS250H1; INI301H1, INI305H1; JUM203H1; MUS300H1, MUS306H1; NEW302Y1, NEW303H1; RLG200H1, RLG210Y1, RLG211H1, RLG212H1, RLG227H1, RLG230H1, RLG232H1, RLG233H1, RLG249H1, RLG301H1, RLG304H1, RLG305H1, RLG315H1, RLG316H1; SLA331H1, SLA495H1, SLA496H1; SMC219Y1, SMC271H1, SMC387H1, SMC392H1, SMC397H1; SOC365H1, SOC382H1, SOC388H1; VIC202Y1, VIC224Y1, VIC225Y1, VIC281H1, VIC302H1, VIC305H1, VIC306H1, VIC307H1, VIC308H1, VIC326H1, VIC343Y1, VIC345H1; WGS271Y1, WGS372H1

Current Students