Contacts and Faculty

Professor emeritus Andrew Baines ( )
Coordinator and Instructor, Augusta Stowe-Gullen Stream
A Medical Biochemist whose research dealt with kidney function and hemoglobin-based-oxygen-carriers (blood substitutes). He was Principal of New College, Biochemist-in-Chief of The Toronto Hospital (now the University Health Network), Chair of Clinical Biochemistry and Vice-Dean, Education in the Faculty of Medicine.  

Professor Brian Baigrie )
Instructor, Augusta Stowe-Gullen Stream
Professor Baigrie teaches with the Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and technology. His area of specialization is the history and philosophy of the physical sciences. His interests range from the late sixteenth century to late nineteenth century physics, and he is currently exploring the work of René Descartes and the impact that the new science made on philosophical topics of the day.   

Dr. Sheila Batacharya  ( )
Instructor, Egerton Ryerson Stream
Sheila Batacharya has teaching expertise in adult education, sociology of education, equity studies, and gender studies. Her research interests include  youth and girlhood studies; and embodiment and embodied learning using anti-racist, feminist, anti-colonial and decolonization frameworks and methodologies.

Professor James Robert Brown (
Instructor, Arthur Schawlow Stream
Professor Brown is in the Department of Philosophy and is an affiliate member of the Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology. His interests include foundational issues in mathematics and physics, as well as the role of science in society. His books include: The Laboratory of the Mind , Philosophy of Mathematics , and Who Rules in Science? He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and Deutsche Akademie der Wissenschaften (Leopoldina).

Professor Sheila Cook
( )
Coordinator and Instructor, Egerton Ryerson Stream
Sheila Cook is cross-appointed to the Department of Theory and Policy Studies at OISE/UT. She has taught French and ESL in the public school system. Her research interests are in teacher-student relationships and the role of empathy in teaching. Her latest research is on the development of a professional identity in Teacher Candidates undertaking an Internship in Beijing, China.

Professor Paul Corey ( )  
Instructor, Augusta Stowe-Gullen Stream
Director of the Graduate Program in Biostatistics in the Faculty of Medicine for 14 years and Associate Chair of the Department of Public Health Sciences for 4 years. His graduate courses in biostatistics have been attended by students from all of the health science faculties. He has supervised 12 PhD students and 12 MSc students in biostatistics and epidemiology and has served on over a 100 thesis committees.  

Professor Robert Davidson ( )
Instructor, Norman Jewison Stream
Professor Davidson is Associate Professor of Spanish & Catalan and Graduate Coordinator in the Dept. of Spanish & Portuguese. His current research interests include theories of space and cultural theories of food and hospitality. Prof. Davidson is the author of Jazz Age Barcelona (U of Toronto Press, 2009) and is currently completing The Hotel: Space Over Time (under contract, U of Toronto Press). He has published on different aspects of the Castilian and Catalan avant-gardes, cultural theory and film and held visiting positions at The Johns Hopkins University and Queen Mary, University of London (Institut Ramon Llull Visiting Faculty). In 2012-13, Prof. Davidson was Faculty Research Fellow in residence at the Jackman Humanities Institute.

Professor Victor Falkenheim
( )
Instructor, Lester B. Pearson Stream
Victor C. Falkenheim is Professor of Political Science and East Asian Studies at the University of Toronto where he has taught since 1972, serving twice as Chair of the Department of East Asian Studies as well as Director of the Joint Centre for Modern East Asia. His research interests and publications center on local politics and political reform in China. He has lectured widely in China and has worked on a number of Canadian International Development Agency and World Bank projects in China over the past two decades. Current teaching interests include democratization and regime change in the Asia Pacific region.

Professor David Fallis
Instructor, Norman Jewison Stream
A graduate of Victoria College, David Fallis is a conductor and music director based in Toronto. He is the Artistic Director of The Toronto Consort, Canada's leading ensemble specializing in the music of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and has led the ensemble in recordings, tours and music for television and film. As Music Director for Opera Atelier, he has conducted critically-acclaimed productions in Canada, the U.S., France, Japan, South Korea and Singapore, and through his work with Soundtreams and the Luminato Festival he has led many world premieres by leading Canadian composers. He was the Historical Music Producer for two popular TV series, The Tudors and The Borgias, and he teaches in the Graduate Department at the Faculty of Music, University of Toronto.

Professor David Gilmour
Instructor, Northrop Frye and Norman Jewison Streams
David Gilmour is a novelist, journalist and television host. His novels have been translated into twenty-five different languages. His sixth book, 'A Perfect Night to go to China', won the 2005 Governor-General’s Award for fiction. His latest novel, 'Extraordinary', will be published in September 2013, with HarperCollins. Mr Gilmour is a Victoria College graduate and joined the faculty in 2007.  

Professor Peter Harris ( )
Instructor Northrop Frye Stream
Former Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science. Teaches in the first year seminar program. Has taught courses on German culture, history and film in England, Germany and the USA. Also teaches First Year Seminar on the History of Berlin.   

Dr. Emanuel Istrate ( )
Coordinator & Instructor, Arthur Schawlow Stream
Dr. Emanuel Istrate is the Academic Program Coordinator of the Institute for Optical Sciences at the University of Toronto where he is in charge of programs for undergraduate and graduate students, including several multi-disciplinary educational initiatives. His interests are in holography, novel teaching methods, solid-state electronic devices and entrepreneurship.

Professor Ivan Kalmar ( )
Instructor, Lester B. Pearson Stream 
Ivan D. Kalmar teaches is currently Associate Chair and Coordinator of Graduate Studies in the University’s Department of Anthropology. He is interested in a wide range of topics in cultural history, and in particular has written and lectured widely on how Jews and Muslims have been imagined in the West. His book The Trotskys, Freuds, and Woody Allens has received the Tanenbaum Award for Jewish Cultural History and was a finalist for Ontario’s Trillium Book Award. His most recent book is called Early Orientalism: Imagined Islam and the Notion of Sublime Power.

Ms. Michelle Mitrovich (Vic 9T6) ( )
Vic One Liaison Officer
Since the inception of Vic One in 2003, Michelle Mitrovich has provided organizational and academic support to the students and instructors of the Vic One program. In addition to coordinating guest speakers and events for the program, Michelle manages the admission process. Students enrolled in the Vic One program are encouraged to meet with Michelle for assistance with academic issues like course and POSt selection, as well as any personal issues that may have an impact on academic success.

Professor Albert F. Moritz
( )
Instructor, Northrop Frye Stream and Coordinator & Instructor, Norman Jewison Stream
A. F. Moritz most recent book of poems, The New Measures (Toronto: House of Anansi Press, 2012), received the 2013 Raymond Souster Prize for best book of the previous year. In addition to the Souster Prize, his last four books have received the $65,000 Griffin Poetry Prize and the Re-Lit Award, and have three times been finalists for the Governor General’s Award in literature; The Sentinel (2008) was named a Globe and Mail Top 100 book of 2004 and in 2010 the Globe chose Night Street Repairs (2004) as one of 39 “books of the decade”.
 His poetry has also received the Guggenheim Fellowship, the Ingram Merrill Fellowship, the Award in Literature of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, selection to the Princeton Series of Contemporary Poets, the Beth Hokin Prize of Poetry (Chicago) magazine, and other honours. He has published sixteen books of poems and several volumes of translation from French and Spanish poetry and fiction.
 Among his nonfiction books written in collaboration with Theresa Moritz are The Oxford Illustrated Literary Guide to Canada (Toronto: Oxford, 1987),  The World’s Most Dangerous Woman: A New Biography of Emma Goldman (Toronto and Vancouver: Subway Books, 2001; winner of the Joseph and Faye Tanenbaum Prize in Canadian Jewish History), and Stephen Leacock: His Remarkable Life (Toronto: Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2002).
Professor Anne Urbancic ( )  
Coordinator and Instructor, Northrop Frye & Lester B. Pearson Streams
Anne Urbancic is a specialist in 19th and 20th century Italian literature and has published widely in this field as well as Semiotics and Pedagogy. She is the recipient of the Annual Faculty of Arts and Science Outstanding Teaching Award.  

Professor David Wright ( )
Instructor, Lester B. Pearson Stream
Former Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Canada to the North Atlantic Council of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Professor Wright is the Kenneth and Patricia Taylor Distinguished Professor of Foreign Affairs.  

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