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Applying to Vic One
Being Accepted to U of T and/or Vic One
Academic Questions

Applying to Vic One

> Should I wait until I receive an offer of admission from U of T before applying to Vic One?
No. Do not wait until you receive an acceptance from U of T before applying to Vic One.
The Vic One application will be made available online as early as December and must be completed by the posted deadline.

> Is there a separate application I need to fill out for the Vic One program?
Yes. Students wishing to be considered for the Vic One program are required to fill out the Vic One application.
Those interested in being a Victoria College member AND would like to be considered for admission to the Vic One program are required to fill out both the Victoria College profile AND the Vic One application.

> Should I submit a copy of my transcript or supporting letters of reference with my application?
Letters of reference are not necessary. If you are an Ontario resident and are applying directly from high school (without having taken any time off between high school and university), and you have applied to the University of Toronto, we have access to your transcript.However, if you are not an Ontario resident and/or you have taken some time off, you are required upload an electronic copy (a .pdf file) at the time that you submit your Vic One online application.

> Which applicant number should I be using in order to access the Vic One application?
You will need to use the U of T applicant number that has been issued to you from the University. This is not the same as your OUAC number

> I am having a difficult time determining which stream I should apply for. Can I take one course from the Frye stream and one course from the Pearson stream?
No. The courses must be taken as a stream-specific cohort.

> What are the criteria you use when assessing Vic One applications?
We look at extracurricular activities and take into account the essay portion of the application as well as academic performance.

> Do I have to be a Victoria College student in order to be eligible to apply to the Vic One program?
No. Any first-year incoming student who has applied to the St.George campus in the humanities, social sciences or life sciences is eligible to apply to the Vic One program. Rotman Commerce and Computer Science students are not eligible for the Vic One program.

> I missed the application deadline, but I really want to apply to Vic One. Is there anything I can do?
We expect a high volume of applications. As a result we will not accept late applications.

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Being Accepted to U of T and/or Vic One

> If I receive notice from U of T indicating that I have been accepted, does that automatically mean I have been accepted to Vic One as well?
No. You will receive separate notification from Vic One with respect to the status of your Vic One application. All correspondence regarding your Vic One application status will arrive via email. As such, please ensure that the email address you use on the Vic One application is accurate and frequently checked.

> If I receive notice from U of T indicating that I have been offered admission (as well as an offer from Vic One) and I accept the U of T offer of admission, does that automatically mean I have also accepted the Vic One offer?
No. If you receive an offer of admission from Vic One, very specific details for accepting the offer will be outlined. If you do not follow the directions by the stipulated deadline, your spot will be offered to another eligible applicant.

> Would it be possible that I could be offered admission to Vic One, but not be accepted to U of T (St.George campus)?
No. An offer of admission to the Vic One program is contingent upon admission to the University of Toronto, St. George campus.

> Will I need to pay any additional tuition to be part of the Vic One program?

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Academic Questions

> If I am accepted into the Vic One program will all of my classes in first year have a limited enrolment of 25 students?
No. Most students in their first year will take up to 5 full course credits. The Vic One program ensures that you will have two full course equivalents credits in a seminar environment (class size limited to 25 students). Your remaining courses are to be chosen from the regular course offerings from the Faculty of Arts and Science. The size of these classes vary from 30-1000.

> I have heard about the 199 seminar courses as well as the Vic One Hundreds and they seem really interesting. As a Vic One student, can I take one of those courses/programs?
No. Students enrolled in the Vic One program are not eligible for enrolment in any 199 courses as well as admission to the Vic One Hundred courses.

> If I am admitted the Vic One program, does that mean I have to take all of my courses at Victoria College, or can I take courses offered by other colleges?
Students may take courses offered by any of the other colleges on the St. George campus.

> I am in the Vic One program and I was planning on fulfilling my breadth requirement in my first year. Is this a good idea?
No. Students should be focused on trying to take as many subjects towards their intended program of study as possible. There is time during your remaining 3 years to complete your breadth requirements.

> Is the Vic One program only for my first year, or will it continue through to the end of my degree?
The Vic One program is a one year learning experience for incoming newly-admitted first year students.

> Do the Vic One courses satisfy pre-requisite requirements for any programs of study?
The Vic One program is a cohort of foundation courses that are not specifically linked with any particular programs of study. It acts as a foundation for a number of disciplines and provides a firm basis for further study in a variety of fields. However, there are a few programs of study that do consider Vic One credits as pre-requisites, but it will be necessary to read the individual program descriptions to determine whether or not your Vic One courses are applicable.

> Do the Vic One seminar courses count toward my 20 required credits for completion of my degree?

> So what happens in second year?
Students who have completed the Vic One program go on to study in a program of their choice in their second and subsequent years. The Vic One experience prepares them for advanced work in most disciplines and provides them with a solid foundation for their ongoing studies.

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For further information, please contact:
Michelle Mitrovich, Vic One Liaison Officer

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