Campus Life

Getting involved with a student organization, attending events, or learning something new at a workshop are just some of many ways for Victoria University students to get involved on campus. Research indicates that there are many benefits to student involvement. Students who are involved often:

• receive better grades
• are more successful in their academic program
• are more likely to stay in school and achieve timely graduation
• feel more satisfied with their university experience
• are more marketable when job searching and applying to grad school
• develop valuable leadership and interpersonal skills

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Ideas for the World

Ideas for the World is an innovative program that emphasizes the porousness of the boundary separating academic from so-called “real world” issues, while providing students with a diverse and life-changing set of experiences at Victoria University.

 O week


Orientation is one of the biggest events. at Victoria College. Students, staff, and faculty come together to welcome incoming students to Victoria College. 

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Commuter Dons

If you don't live in residence, the commuter dons are here for you! Commuter dons offer support and advice, as well as planning fun events throughout the year.

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C0-Curricular Record (CCR)

Successful students get involved! Search involvement opportunities available and record the skills you’ve learned on your Co-Curricular Record (CCR).

 Student Events  

Student Events

Learn about student events happening at Vic—and how to host your own!

 student organizations  

Student Organizations

Vic has a wide variety of student organizations and clubs. There's a way for everyone to get involved!

 Awards and endowments  

Awards & Endowments

Vic has a number of awards and endowments that support and recognize the positive contributions our students make to the Victoria College campus.

 life after vic  

Life After Vic

Each year, the Office of the Dean of Students and the Office of Alumni Affairs team up to offer Life After Vic, a series of events to help 3rd and 4th year students make the post-graduation transition.

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