Dean's Experience Enhancement Fund

Please Note: In the 2018-19 academic year, and on a go forward basis, the Dean's Experience Enhancement Fund will be offered once a year with a February 1st deadline.  In the future no late applications will be considered.

How much is available?

The amount differs from year to year.

What is this fund for?

This fund, provided by the Offices of Alumni Relations, the Principal, and the Dean, is designed to support Victoria students pursue important out-of-the-classroom experiences that may or may not be related to their coursework or academic programs. Funding related to activities resulting in academic credit is available at the Office of the Registrar.

How would money is awarded?

Amounts of up to $250 may be granted directly through application to the Office of the Dean of Students.

What types of initiatives are funded?

1) Travel during the academic year, or between semesters, for volunteering or conducting research not required for academic work.  The volunteer opportunity should have some connection to the University and present a learning opportunity. 

2) Attendance at intellectually-related student activities at other institutions where students represent Victoria individually or in teams. For example, students request funding to  support their participation in events such as the Model United Nations at Harvard, McGilll, and the University of Toronto. In addition, the Victoria University Debating Union seeks financial support annually so they may attend tournaments throughout North America.

3) Participation in activities related to academic programs that require additional personal funds. Students from various fine arts programs, for example, often present their work in galleries or theatres in order to get experience and exposure.

4) Participation in academic conferences that may or may not require presentation of academic work. Recent support has been provided for students to participate in events ranging from the Canadian National Undergraduate Bioethics Conference at the University of Toronto to presenting academic work at a conference on English literature in Finland.

5) Fostering student intellectual initiatives that directly contribute to campus culture. This year a Victoria student founded a political journal (the Naïve Journal) that requires financial support on a per-issue basis to survive its fledgling year.


Applications are available below, and must be returned to Wanda Hughes ( at the Office of the Dean before February 1st to be considered.

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