Victoria Performing Arts Endowment

Donated by alumni, faculty, and friends of Victoria University, many of whose gifts sponsored seats in the Isabel Bader Theatre. Funding administered by the Office of the Dean of Students. The amount of funds available may vary from year to year to reflect the income generated by the endowment in a given year.

Terms: To be awarded to eligible students and student groups associated with Victoria University who require funding assistance for performances and/or improvements (e.g., costumes, professional assistance, additional equipment, etc.) that would otherwise not be possible given the resources available from existing sources. Only those performances or improvements held on the Victoria University campus are eligible.

Grants Process: Applications will be assessed three times each academic year by a committee appointed by the Victoria University President. A proposed budget, which includes anticipated sources of revenue, is required. Funds available are limited and will be distributed based on the quality of the application and anticipated use of funds. Only those who apply through the formal application process will be considered. All recipients of funding must agree to provide a full account of all of their expenses before the end of the academic year in which the funds are received, and must submit all invoices and receipts to the Office of the Dean of Students following the completion of the performance/event etc. Unspent funds must be returned.

Applications must be received by the application deadline for the corresponding year. Funds will be distributed on the basis of approved applications; there is no obligation for all available funds to be be awarded each year.

According to the terms of the endowment, funds not distributed in a given year may be used to purchase or improve the technical equipment in the Bader Theater or to repair musical instruments on the Victoria University campus. Undistributed funds may also be returned to the endowment.


2019-20 academic year: November 1st, 2019; January 31st, 2019  and June 12th, 2020;

Performing Arts Grants Committee:

Alumni representative (Chair)
VUSAC representative
Student representative selected jointly by the Dean of Students and VUSAC
Staff member from the Office of the Dean of Students
Staff member from the Bader Theatre
Staff member from Office of Alumni Affairs and University Advancement
Faculty representative

Current Students