Silver V Awards

Any student, staff, or faculty may nominate a graduating student for a Silver V.

The Silver V Award is presented at the time of the recipient’s graduation. It is intended to mark outstanding cumulative contribution over the recipient’s time at Victoria. Ideally the nominees will be well-rounded students who have distinguished themselves in any number of areas of campus life over the entire course of their time at Victoria. The total number of “V” awards in any given year will usually be kept to a maximum of six. The award is a sterling silver or 14kt gold lapel pin featuring the letter V designed by Birks.

Recipients of the Gold V will be selected from those who have already been nominated to receive a Silver V. Students may not be nominated directly for a Gold V.  It is the intention that Gold V’s will truly signify excellence and outstanding achievement. In no way should they be expected as the result of successfully completing several years of progressive responsibility in a club, society or student government or in some service role in one of the Colleges. These awards are intended to reflect, as much as possible, the collective admiration and gratitude of a student’s peers for their exceptional contribution to life at Victoria.


Faculty, staff and students at Victoria University may nominate any graduating student at Victoria University: this includes students of Emmanuel College, Victoria College and other University of Toronto students who as residents of Victoria have embodied the ethic of service to the Vic community which this award represents. The nomination form must be co-signed by at least one other student, staff or faculty member. A student may nominate him or herself with the endorsement of a co-signer without prejudice.

Silver V Nomination Form

Nominations close on March 29, 2019 at 4:00 PM.

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