Webster Fund

Webster Fund

Donated by the Estate of William Crichton Webster. Funding administered by the Office of the Dean of Students.

The amount of funds available may vary from year to year may vary according to the annual income generated by the endowment in a given year.

Terms: To be awarded to eligible students and student groups associated with Victoria University who propose a plan that supports student-run athletics and healthy living activities at Victoria.

Grants Process: Applications will be assessed twice each academic year by a committee. A proposed budget, which includes anticipated sources of revenue, is required. Funds available are limited and will be distributed based on the quality of the application and anticipated use of funds. Only those who apply through the formal application process will be considered. All recipients of funding must agree to provide a full account of all of their expenses before the end of the academic year in which the funds are received, and must submit all invoices and receipts to the Office of the Dean of Students after the completion of the performance/event. Unspent funds must be returned.

Only those applications received by one of the application deadlines shall be considered. Funds will be distributed on the basis of approved applications; there is no obligation for all available funds to be awarded each year (requests are considered up to a maximum of $5,000.00 for each application.).

How to Apply: Submit an application by November 2 for Fall-term initiatives, or by January 30th for Winter-term initiatives.

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