International Mentor Postcard Promotion

Welcome to Victoria College! Below you will find some important dates and steps to a successful start in our community.

1.  Register!

June 1 - August 1

For both International Student Orientation and Orientation

Video here!

2. Attend International Student Orientation (ISO)

August 29: Arrival on Campus

For International students living in residence at Victoria College, you will be able to move into your residence room early (ONLY if you participate in International Student Orientation). Get settled before our activities begin!

August 30 - September 1

Our team of staff & upper year International Mentors will welcome you on campus, help you discover the city, and provide support & programming to help ensure a successful transition into university.

Details & Info here!

Meet your Mentors here!

3. Residence Orientation

September 2 (4:00-10:30 pm)

For students living in residence, this will be your first house meeting and the opportunity to get to know your residence house, don, as well as your floormates. No need to register. Details will be provided to you once you move into your room.

4. Orientation

September 3 - September 5

The official welcome for all of our first-year students will feature activities to help welcome everyone. There will be opportunities to make friends, meet professors, get to know the campus and resources, as well as fun activities.

5. Start of Classes

September 6

Classes begin! Check your course schedule!

Current Students