Easy Steps to Event Planning

1. Think through what you want your event to look like and make a timeline (well in advance of your scheduled event).

2. Consider collaborating with another Vic group.

Note: for events held within The Cat's Eye, please first send an e-mail to manager@thecatseye.ca to put a hold on the space. You should then follow the below steps.

3. For ON campus events, fill out the ON campus event proposal form and alcohol procedures document.  For OFF campus events, fill out the OFF campus event form and alcohol procedures document.

See all documents below.

4. Email completed forms for your event.

ON campus events: email: m.quiroz@utoronto.ca and vic.dean@utoronto.ca

with the following: 

OFF campus events email: vic.dean@utoronto.ca

with the following:

5. Meet with CLC/RLC to discuss the event proposal form and get approval for your event

6. After approval of your event, confirm the space booking with off-campus venue or Events Victoria

7. Develop promotional materials (posters, banners) and get them signed for approval

8. Have fun at your event!


Current Students