Orientation Registration 2018

Victoria University Orientation 2018
Monday, September 3rd- Wednesday, September 5th, 2018

Important Information

  • All students affiliated with Victoria College, in their first year at the University of Toronto, pay an Orientation fee as part of their tuition. 
  • This means that any first year Victoria College Student can participate in ALL the events during Orientation with no additional charges. 
  • The information on this form is collected for the purpose of registering students for the Orientation program and helping us prepare for your arrival. 
  • We recommend that you pick up your student TCard as soon as you can as it will be used for admission to Orientation events.

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Contact Information
First Name
Last Name
Preferred name
Student Number
You will be contacted by email to confirm your attendance as well as to outline the schedule for the program.
Email Address:
Phone Number (during Orientation):
Please indicate your T-shirt size
Local Emergency Contact Information
First Name
Last Name
Contact Number 1 (If this is something you cannot provide at this time, please simply write 'N/A').
Contact Number 2
Orientation strives to be inclusive, accessible and safe. In order to help us reach this goal, please let us know about any accessibility needs and/or concerns, allergies or medical conditions that you think we should be aware of.
Student Information
I am a (check all that apply)
Transfer Student
Mature Student (a student who is not coming directly from high school)
Student coming directly from high school
Residence Student
Commuter Student (student living off-campus during the 2017-2018 academic year)
Music Student (living in residence at Victoria College)
Engineering Student (living in residence at Victoria College)
Phys. Ed Student (living in residence at Victoria College)
International Student
Architecture Student (living in residence at Victoria College)

Thank you for registering!

We look forward to seeing you in September! 

For any other questions, please email vic.orientation@utoronto.ca
Please check http://vicorientation.com  regularly for updates!

Current Students