Get Involved

Here are some opportunities to get involved with Vic International. Read about current Victoria students' experience and see how they are making a difference!

VISA – Victoria International Student Association

VISA is a student group with three goals:

  1. Improve student life at Victoria College.
  2. Create a sense of belonging for International students at Victoria College.
  3. Provide and inform international students of the resources available to them at the University of Toronto.

We have organized several events this year and if you would like to get involved look out for our posters you can contact us. 

World University Service Canada

World University Service of Canada is a leading Canadian international development agency. It is a network of individuals and post-secondary institutions. Their mission is to foster human development and global understanding through education and training. As part of the initiative, Victoria College sponsors a student refugee every year. Each year the WUSC local committee is formed to help and support the incoming student.

Current Students