Student Experiences at Victoria

Lena Phillips

"My name is Lena Phillips and I am a fourth year student studying International Relations and Environmental Policy/Practice. I have lived and travelled in various parts of Canada including Ottawa and small town Prince Edward Island (where I completed junior high and high school). Since a young age, I have always had a desire and passion for travel and international affairs. Upon graduating high school I spent a year abroad on Rotary exchange in Switzerland where I was able to attend a local school, live with a host family, learn a new language and see much of Europe. I have since taken opportunities and travelled as far as Latin America to visit the friends I made over that year. During summer ‘07 I travelled to mainland Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands as a volunteer and conducted conservation work. This past summer I spent some time on an organic chocolate farm in rural Costa Rica as part of a U of T fourth year professional experience course.

As part of the greater U of T community I am involved in the United Nations Society where I have had opportunities to travel to cities across North America and represent my university at various Model United Nations Conferences including those hosted by McGill and Harvard University. I am also the International Projects Liaison for Green Power Canada.

All of these endeavours have led me to my involvement in international projects at Vic, of which I am most proud and privileged to be involved. I am the current co-chair for VISA (Victoria International Students Association) which is an organization dedicated to enhancing student life for all Vic students by bringing international and Canadian students together. I am also the current Vic co-chair for WUSC (World University Service of Canada) Student Refugee Program. This is an organization that has partnered with campuses across the country for decades to jointly sponsor refugee students to come to Canada and pursue post-secondary education. So far it has been an amazing experience. I recently returned from the 62nd WUSC National Annual Assembly held in Ottawa where I had the opportunity to meet students and professionals from across Canada as well as with current and former sponsored students who are now active, engaged and successful Canadian and global citizens. It was a truly inspiring experience which I hope to reflect through my future engagements at Vic!"

Amber Green

"Education changes the world."- As a third year undergraduate student studying Political Science at the University of Toronto, I wholeheartedly agree with WUSC's motto. As I am interested in International affairs, global governance and human rights, WUSC provides many opportunities to raise awareness and promote change, whether it be through promoting one of our initiatives, such as the Student Refugee Program (SRP) or taking the opportunity to simply watch a film discussing international issues.

I hope that you will join us, as it is my belief that we, the student body of Victoria College, can make a positive and lasting impact within our community.

Current Students