Annesley Hall

Built in 1903 and renovated in 1988, Annesley Hall was the first residence built specifically for women in Canada. It is located at 95 Queen's Park Crescent and houses female students in single, double, and triple rooms on three floors. Annesley is noted for its close-knit community, as well as for elegance and uniqueness. No two rooms are the same, and students in Annesley enjoy exclusive common spaces, such as the Tackaberry Library and the Music Room.

Annesley Hall - Floor Plans

 Annesley Hall Double Room
Photo: An Annesley Hall double room.  Annesley Hall Common Study Space
Photo: One of the Annesley Hall common study spaces.

Annesley Hall Music Room 
Photo: The Annesley Hall Music Room.

Annesley Hall 2019-2020  
Single Room $9,723
Double Room $9, 017
Triple Room $7,558

2019-2020 Meal Plan

Meal Plans  
Meal Plan A $5,074
Meal Plan B $5,600
Meal Plan C $4,415

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