Rowell Jackman Hall

Rowell Jackman Hall, an co-ed suite-style residence that opened in November of 1993, includes both co-ed and single-sex suites. Each suite unit houses 3 to 7 students in both single and double rooms, and includes 1-2 washrooms, a shared kitchen (equipped with a stove, a fridge, a and microwave), and a living room. Cable television is provided in the common living area within each suite. Most units also include a small storage area. Rowell Jackman Hall is home to primarily upper-year students, although some of first-year students are also housed in double rooms. Particular suites throughout the building have been designed to accommodate residents with accessibility needs, and the building is wheelchair-accessible from the parkade level.

Rowell Jackman Hall - Floor Plans

Rowell Jackman Kitchen
Photo: A Rowell Jackman kitchen.

Rowell Jackman Common Room
Photo: A Rowell Jackman common room (within a suite).

Rowell Jackman Common Board
Photo: A Rowell Jackman common bulletin board.

Rowell Jackman Hall 2019-2020
(all rooms are within shared 3-12 bedroom apartment)
Single Room $10,641
Double Room $9,278
Double Room (with 2 piece en-suite bathroom) $9,541
Super Single Room (with 3 piece en-suite bathroom) $11,697

Meal Plan 2019-2020
Meal Plan A  $5,074.00
Meal Plan B  $5,600.00
Meal Plan C  $4,415.00

Current Students