Room Assignments

In making an assignment we are careful to take into consideration factors pertinent to a compatible arrangement. The information requested in the Lifestyle Information section of the application assists us in placing you with a suitable roommate/suitemate.

Residence space is alocated by year of study.  First Year Students (all Vic students who receive a student housing guarantee) are a priority for Victoria and as a result 65% of beds are allocated to them.  The remaining spaces in residence are for upper year students and assigned based on application date.   

A certain number of spaces in most houses/floors will be designated first year and upper year students to ensure there is an integration of all year levels in each smaller community.

First Year Students

Most first year students are assigned to shared double rooms.

Every effort will be made to accommodate a preference for a specific roommate. It is helpful if applications indicate similar residence hall and room preferences.  As well, both applicants must indicate each other on their applications.

First year room assignments are processed with a computer matching and allocation system. Each applicant is assigned a room via the computer assignment system based on roommate compatibility and his/her ranking of residence buildings. Room assignments for first-year students will be e-mailed throughout July and August.

Please note that if you are a student who requires accommodation related to accessibility, it is important that you register with Accessibility Services as soon as possible.  The qualified staff at Accessibility Services will work with you to assess your needs and

Upper year residents are normally assigned a single room assignment, unless otherwise requested.

Upper year students are reminded that space is not always available in the Hall or House, or on the Floor of one's first preference. Room assignments for Upper Year Residents are organized on a first-come first-serve basis and space is guaranteed to all returning Victoria University students until there are no longer space which has been designated for upper year students.   Returning students are reminded they must meet the AGPA requirement of 2.0 for the 2018/2019 academic year and the full balance on ROSI must be paid by end of classes 2019. Please refer to our waitlist information should you be placed on a waitlist for residence space. Room assignments for upper-year students will be e-mailed in July or sooner if possible.

Upper-year students who choose to return to residence and live in a double room will be given a 10% discount on the cost of their room. These discounted double rooms can be up to $1000 less expensive than single rooms. If you have any questions regarding the 10% discount for upper-year students, please contact Wanda Hughes, Residence Operations Assistant, at (416) 585-4494 or

Current Students