Information for Schools

The Vic Reach Program provides participating schools with an opportunity to augment and enhance the learning experience in their classrooms. Program volunteers are paired with interested teachers, to assist them in classrooms or with extracurricular activities.

Schools are not required to submit assessments or evaluations for Volunteers


What does the Vic Reach Program provide?

- A skilled pool of volunteers, to assist teachers in a variety of capacities
- A minimum of  54 hours of volunteer work (per Volunteer) 

What are the requirements for becoming a partner school?

Schools wishing to partner with the Vic Reach Program simply need to contact the Vic Reach coordinators at and provide details regarding the number of interested teachers, and the type of volunteer assistance required (classroom, extracurricular, etc.).

What are the responsibilities of partner schools?

Individual teachers at partner schools will need to establish expectations and responsibilities for the volunteer assigned to work with them. In addition, schools participating in the Vic Reach Program will need to provide access to a logbook and volunteer badges (both of which are supplied by Victoria College), to allow the program to track the hours of volunteers. There are no other responsbilities or obligations for partner schools.


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