Frequently Asked Questions

I am not a humanities or social sciences student. Can I still apply?

Yes. All Faculty of Arts & Sciences students at St. George, UTM, or UTSC who meet the requirements in CGPA (3.0 and above) and year (completed year 2 and up) are encouraged to apply.

Can I receive course credit for participating in the Scholars-in-Residence Program?

No. The program is intended to supplement the kinds of research opportunities already available in traditional classroom settings, not replace them. Students will receive a certificate of completion and financial support, but not course credit.

How important is prior research experience?

The Scholars-in-Residence Program is designed to provide students with their first intensive experience in original academic research. Faculty mentors will help students acquire the tools they need to thrive as independent researchers.

I have a job lined up for the last week of May. Can I still join for the first three weeks?

Unfortunately, no. Only students who can commit to the full 4-weeks of the program will be considered.

Do I have to participate in the workshops and recreational programming?

One of the central aims of the Program is to cultivate a strong community of intellectually curious, supportive, and engaged scholars. Therefore, while some recreational activities may be voluntary, selected applicants are encouraged to participate in the full slate of enrichment activities. Programming that involves U of T-affiliated researchers is mandatory.

Do I need to provide official transcripts for my application?

No. Screenshots of your transcripts taken from ROSI will also be accepted.

May I take summer courses while participating in the Scholars-in-Residence Program?

Due to the intensive nature of the program - students should expect to work for some period each day (Mon-Fri.) on their research project, with workshops and excursions planned for non-research hours - admissions priority will be given to students who are willing to commit a month to the Program. Our hope is that students who are interested in summer school will enrol in the second (July / August) semester, and spend May with us at Victoria College.

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