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Program Details

The Beijing Exchange is an exchange program where you can spend 16 weeks in Beijing. You will complete an Education Internship teaching English in elementary and middle school classrooms together with required program courses in Chinese Culture and Literature.

When does the exchange take place?

There are two exchange periods:

  • The Fall Exchange runs from the end of August to December and
  • the Winter Exchange runs from early February to June
Key features
  • A once in a lifetime experience
  • Accommodations (on campus) and food are included
  • An incredible opportunity to experience taking a leadership role in the classroom
  • Earn university credits while taking fascinating courses in Chinese culture and literature including Martial Arts, Mandarin, Chinese Paper Cutting and Calligraphy.
How to apply

Reach out to the Academic Programs Liaison Officer at the Office of the Principal (Wanda Thorne | as soon as possible for more information.

Applications are typically due in January for the following year.


Beijing Exchange Courses

By completing the Beijing Exchange Program, you'll earn credit towards your Education and Society Minor and degree for the following courses:

VIC361H0F/S | A Study of Chinese Literature and Culture

A Study of Chinese Literature and Culture
Professor Lawrence Geng

This course takes place on exchange in Beijing, China. This course will compare selected works of Chinese and Canadian authors with a view to the presentation of such writing in an educational setting.

Exclusion: VIC361H0
Distribution Requirements: Humanities
Breadth Requirements: Creative and Cultural Representations (1)
VIC395Y0F/S | Studies in Chinese Culture

Studies in Chinese Culture

This course takes place on exchange, in Beijing, China. Students will study five traditional Chinese arts topics and their impact on Chinese culture.

Prerequisite: Completion of 9.0 credits
Exclusion: VIC395Y0
Distribution Requirements: Humanities, Science, Social Science

EDS360Y0 | Education Internship

Education Internship
Professor Julia Forgie

This internship is completed while on exchange in Beijing, China.

Prerequisite: Enrolment in Education and Society Minor, VIC362H1/‚ÄčEDU311H1
Distribution Requirements: Social Science
Breadth Requirements: Society and its Institutions (3)