Academic Integrity

What is Academic Integrity?

Participating honestly, respectfully, responsibly, and fairly in this academic community, to which you now belong, by upholding the rules and regulations for academic conduct.

What Constitutes an Academic Offence at U of T?
Why Do We Have These Rules?
Why Should I Care?
Where Can I get Help or Advice?


Top 5 Ways to Avoid Academic Misconduct:

1.  Take your University experience seriously.

2.  Familiarize yourself with the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters.

You are now a U of T student and you are expected to know the rules found in the Code and adhere to them. Not knowing the rules isn’t an excuse.

3.  Recognize that there will be tough times ahead and challenges to face. You may be tempted to take a short-cut, be sloppy, or cheat. Plan ahead and decide now that you won’t give in to temptation.
4.  If in doubt, ask for assistance. You are here to learn, and the university community is here to help you with your goals.
5.  Ensure you know how to take notes, paraphrase, and reference properly. 

Office of Student Academic Integrity (OSAI)
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