Student Guides

Student Guides

Meet Andrea, Hadia, Katie, Veronica and Vibhuti!

We are here to answer questions about transition to Victoria College, programs within the Faculty of Arts and Science, campus life and student involvement, residence life and commuting and more!

Contact us at, or through the Official Victoria College Class of 2023 Facebook group - we will be responding to emails and Facebook messages from Monday to Friday, and are ready to answer your questions. We can't wait to introduce you to Vic!


Year of Study: 2
Programs: Political Science, Equity Studies
Favourite Place on Campus: E.J. Pratt Library
Ask me about: Vic One, Commuting, Social Sciences, best study spots on campus 
Andrea Student Guide 


Year of Study: 3
Programs: Accounting (Rotman Commerce)
Favourite Place on Campus: Caffiends
Ask me about: Rotman, Caffiends, Blue Crew, W.A.T.C.H After School Program, HeyTeach!
Hadia Student Guide


Year of Study: 4
Programs: Cinema Studies and Book and Media Studies
Favourite Place on Campus: Regent's Foyer
Ask me about: VUSAC, Victoria College Drama Society (VCDS), Orientation, The Cat's Eye
 Katie Student Guide


Year of Study: 3
Programs: Pharmacology, Physiology and Music History and Culture
Favourite Place on Campus: Music Room
Ask me about: Transition Mentors, First-Year Learning Communities (FLCs), Life Sciences
 Veronica Student Guide


Year of Study: 3
Programs: Global Health, Psychology and Women and Gender Studies
Favourite Place on Campus: Vic Chapel
Ask me about: VUSAC, The BOB, Orientation, Interdisciplinary programs
 Vibhuti Student Guide

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