Explore Potential Courses and Programs

In May and June – Explore potential courses and programs

Use the timetable and list of programs (which links to the calendar) to explore potential courses and programs.

We’ve prepared detailed information to help you read and use the Timetable and Calendar, and some things to know about first-year courses

To identify potential courses:
  • Explore potential programs: Some programs (specialists / majors / minors) require particular first-year courses. Review information on choosing a program of study for details on finding interesting programs and identifying relevant or required first-year courses.
  • See common first-year courses for students interested in programs in:
  • Explore potential breadth courses: Over the course of your degree, you will need to complete the Breadth Requirement.
    • Review the information on the breadth requirement in the Calendar. 
    • Remember that you can count courses taken as part of your programs towards the breadth requirement.
    • Consider taking breadth courses that will help you develop important skills (e.g. languages, statistics, computer programming, essay writing etc.) related to your programs or your future plans. 
  • Explore electives: You should also have space to take a few courses purely for interest! By choosing “advanced search” on the timetable, you can search by department, keyword, course level, breadth requirement, and even by course time. 
  • Find a seminar course: Victoria College requires new students to enrol in a seminar course (a course with fewer than 25 students).
  • Consider prerequisites, exclusions, and enrollment restrictions: The timetable and calendar listings for each course include information about:
    • Prerequisites: courses you MUST complete before beginning the course. 
    • Exclusions: you can’t earn credit for a course if you’ve also enrolled in its exclusion.
    • Enrollment restrictions and priorities: some courses are available only to students in particular programs or years. When a group has “priority,” students not in that group can enrol after the priority period has ended (usually in very early August).

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