Courses for first-year students interested in Math & Physical Science

Program courses

Courses needed for program enrolment: Since Math and Physical science covers a wide range of programs from Actuarial Science to Astrophysics, 100-level requirements vary by program. Check the Calendar descriptions for the programs you’re interested in for specifics.

 Almost all programs require 1.0 FCE of 100-level Math and sometimes MAT223H: Linear Algebra I / MAT240: Algebra I

 Some programs require 1.0 FCE of Physics (PHY131H:Introduction to Physics I and PHY132H: Introduction to Physics II is forstudents not planning to pursue a Physics or Math program, while PHY151H: Foundationsof Physics I and PHY152H: Foundations of Physics II is for students planning tocontinue in Physics or Math). Physics courses have recommended or required Mathco-requisites.

 Other introductory courses in Math and Physical Science programs appropriate for some programs: 

Seminar courses

Seminar courses related to math and physical science:To fulfill your Vic small class requirement,you might want to take a seminar in a topic related to math and physical science. 

Breadth courses

Possible Category 1, 2 & 3 breadth courses:

Also use the Timetable Advanced Search functions to determine which breadth categories can be completed within your program.

Future Students