Courses for first-year students interested in Social Science

Program courses
Courses needed for program enrolment: Since Social Science covers a wide range of programs, from Anthropology to Women & Gender Studies, 100-level requirements vary by program. Check the Calendar descriptions for the programs you’re interested in for specifics.

Many interdisciplinary Social Science programs (programs like American/ Canadian/ European/ Latin American Studies, many programs offered through the Colleges, etc.) do not offer any courses at the 100-level. These programs will indicate what 100-level courses in other areas offer appropriate preparation to enter the program.

Large first year courses that are part of multiple Social Science programs:
  • ECO101H: Principles of Microeconomics and ECO102H: Principles of Macroeconomics
  • SOC100H: Introduction to Sociology I: Sociological Perspectives and SOC150H: Introduction to Sociology II: Sociological Inquiries
  • POL101Y: Democracy, Dictatorship, War, and Peace: An Introduction
  • PSY100H: Introductory Psychology (Psychology is a Life Science program, but is an enrolment or completion requirement for a number of Social Science programs. Grade 12 Calculus is a prerequisite for PSY100H).

Seminar courses

Seminar courses in the social sciences: To fulfill your Vic small class requirement, youmight want to take a seminar in the humanities. 

  • Vic One Hundred seminars:
    • VIC101H: Conflict Theory and Practice
    • VIC102H: Ethics and Choices in Times of Crisis
    • VIC108H: Belonging, Imagination and National Identity
    • VIC110H: Critical Perspectives on Society
    • VIC116H: Politics of the Pen
    • VIC134H: Globalization
    • VIC136H: How to Study Everyday Life
    • VIC141H: Discovery and Revolution
    • VIC142H: Machiavelli: The Politics of Power
  • Other seminar courses: Courses with a course code that include 19X (e.g. SOC198H) are First Year Foundations seminar courses in that discipline.

Breadth courses

Possible Category 4 & 5 breadth courses: 

  • First year foundations courses
  • ANT100Y: Introduction to Anthropology (0.5 FCE in BR category 3, and 0.5 in BR category 4)
  • AST101H: The Sun and Its Neighbours
  • AST201H: Stars and Galaxies
  • CHM101H: The Chemistry and Biology of Organic Molecules: Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll!
  • CHM209H: Science of the Modern Kitchen
  • CSC104H: Computational Thinking
  • ESS103H: Geology in Public Issues
  • ESS104H: Controversies in Earth Science
  • ESS105H: Our Home Planet
  • EEB202H: Plants and Society
  • EEB208H: Ecosystems and the Human Footprint
  • EEB214H: Evolution and Adaptation
  • EEB215H: Conservation Biology
  • ENV200H: Assessing Global Change: Science and the Environment
  • FOR200H: Conservation of Canada's Forests 
  • FOR201H: Conservation of Tropical and Subtropical Forests
  • JUM202H: Mathematics as an Interdisciplinary Pursuit
  • JUM203H: Mathematics as a Recreation
  • JUM205H: Mathematical Personalities
  • PHY100H: The Magic of Physics
  • PHY202H: The Physics of Science Fiction and Gaming
  • PHY205H: The Physics of Everyday Life
  • PHY207H: The Physics of Music
  • STA201H: Why Numbers Matter
  • VIC121H: Evaluating Healthcare: Problems and Solutions
  • Also use the Timetable Advanced Search functions to determine which breadth categories can be completed within your program.

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