In June and July – Make a list of courses you want to take

A first-year course load would typically include the following courses:
  • ~3 courses/term related to potential programs of study
  • ~2 courses/term of breadth and electives
  • Included in the above, at least one small class 
 It’s good to have a few extra options that work with your planned schedule in case any of the courses you want to take fill up before you are able to register. Use the Timetable to check your schedule, and use Degree Explorer to plan your courses and see how they will contribute to degree and program requirements. 

Review Some things to know about first year courses, course pre-enrolment for students in Commerce & Vic One, and common first-year courses for students interested in pursuing programs in:
You’ll find the time when you can begin enrolling in courses (your “start time”) and add courses to your enrolment cart on ACORN. ACORN offers great online tutorials.  

Want more information and advice? Come to Open Vic or a summer advising session, or contact to book a one-on-one appointment.

Future Students