Getting Connected

University of Toronto ID Card and Email

Starting June 2018, obtain your University of Toronto ID card - your 'Tcard' - from the Tcard office located in the Koffler Student Centre. Please bring your letter of acceptance and proper documentation (visit the Tcard office website for a list of appropriate documentation) with you when obtaining your T Card. In addition to regular hours, the Tcard Office will be open select Saturdays in the summer.

Your UTORid and university email account will be given to you after you obtain your Tcard. You will need your UTORid account to use any and all resources at the University of Toronto. Your email address will be the main source of communication between you and the University of Toronto. You must add this new email to your ACORN account and delete any other email address you currently have on ACORN.

Click here for step-by-step instructions on activating your new UTmail account.

FLC (First-Year Learning Communities)

The First-Year LearningCommunities (FLC) Program in the Facultyof Arts and Science is designed to improve the transitional experience forfirst-year students. FLCs provide first-year students with the opportunity tomeet classmates, develop friendships, form study groups, and develop academicand personal skills. FLCs also introduce students to the resources, opportunities,culture, and benefit of the campus and its surrounding community.

As a student in a FLC, you will get together with a small group (25-30)of first-year students who are also registered in several of the same courses,labs and tutorials. Each FLC group meets on a bi-weekly basis for academic,developmental and social activities facilitated by senior-year students andwith the guidance of faculty and staff advisors. Along with learning aboutacademic integrity, time management, note-taking and study skills and careerand resume building, students will also tour places such as the Grant’s AnatomyMuseum, the ROM, the Earth Sciences Greenhouse, the Princess Margaret RadiationUnit and City Hall.

Victoria College sponsors two FLC groups in the Life Sciences, and one FLC groupin Rotman Commerce. Open to allfirst-year students registered in FAS, you can also find FLC groups for ActuarialScience, Computer Science, Economics, Humanities, Mathematics and SocialSciences.

There is no cost to participate. Applications for FLC will be availableearly June. Space is limited so apply early.

Vic Orientation

Commuter Orientation: All incoming Vic commuter students are invited to attend Commuter Orientation in August. 

Orientation week: This exciting week-long program for all new students will provide you with the best opportunity to become familiar with Victoria College, your new home, and to really get to know your fellow students, staff and professors. 

For more information, make sure to check out the Orientation week website as it's updated with info for Orientation 2018!

Go to Class

Attend all your lectures to get the most out of your learning experience. Remember that tutorials and labs do not start on the first week of classes.

Beyond September

Explore and take advantage of all that the University of Toronto has to offer, including Academic Success Centre, Career Centre, Accessibility Services, Student Life, Tutorial Services, Writing Plus, and many of the other services available to help you succeed.


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