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The University of Toronto offers many services to help students in a variety of ways. For a complete list of services, please visit


What they do

Academic Success Centre

A team of dedicated professionals from diverse academic backgrounds work with you to help you develop the skills, strategies and competencies that you need to succeed.
214 College Street | 416-978-7970

Accessibility Services

Academic accommodations are arranged through Accessibility Services when students experience disability-related barriers in demonstrating their knowledge and skills. It is extremely important that you contact the office as soon as you are accepted to UofT so that it is possible for accommodations to be arranged prior to the start of classes. 
455 Spadina Ave., Suite 400 | 416-978-8060

Athletic Centre

The Athletic Centre is an expansive multi-story, multi-use health and fitness facility. Members of the Athletic Centre enjoy access to a variety of equipment and resources.
55 Harbord Street | 416-978-3436

Career Centre

Provides counselling, workshops and services to assist in planning your career. Services include resume critiques, networking sessions, and mock interviews
Koffler Student Centre | 214 College St. | 416-978-8000

Health & Wellness Centre

Offers assessment, treatment, and referrals for a wide range of emotional and psychological issues
Koffler Student Centre | 214 College St. | 416-978-8030

Family Care Office

Support students, staff, faculty and their families with family care issues by providing information, guidance, referrals and advocacy
21 Sussex Ave | 416-978-0951

First Nations House

First Nations House provides a number of culturally supportive student services and programs to Aboriginal students and the general university community.
563 Spadina Avenue, 3rd floor | 416-978-8227


A central website for listings for campus organizations and opportunities on all three UofT campuses. The thousands of entries include film appreciation clubs, debating societies, sports teams, social activism, drop-in classes, and research opportunities and awards. 
21 Sussex Ave Suite 415 & 417 | 416-978-8070

Centre of International Experience (CIE)

Provides support on immigration issues, transcultural counselling, and opportunities to study abroad, as well as tips on how to successfully adapt to Canadian society. The centre also houses the International Student Exchange Program.
Koffler Student Centre | 214 College St. | 416-946-3138
Cumberland House | 33 St. George St. | 416-978-5546

Sexual Harassment Education

Provides information and advice to all parties regarding sexual harassment complaints, provides referrals to other offices and resources, initiates and conducts public education.
40 Sussex Ave, 3rd floor | 416-978-3908

Sexuality and Gender Diversity Office

Dedicated to promoting sexual and gender diversity on campus. Offer a wide range of supports, resources and programs to students, staff and faculty on all three campuses
21 Sussex Ave Suite 415 & 417 | 416-978-8070

Student Housing Services

Resource for on- and off-campus housing at the University of Toronto and offers the information, resources, and personal assistance you need to meet your housing goals.
Koffler Student Centre | 214 College St. | 416-978-8045

Vic Resources 


What they do

Campus Life Coordinator

Vic's Campus Life Coordinator is responsible for facilitating student life activities within Victoria College and promotes community development and the academic success and personal growth of students.
Goldring Student Centre, room 121 | 416-585-4540

Tutors > Current Students > Tutorial Services

Tutors assist with lab, concept, and past test questions. Tutoring is free and open to all enrolled Arts and Science students. 

International Student Life Coordinator and Study Abroad

The International Student Life Coordinator provides support and advice to international students who are studying at Victoria and also Victoria students who are interested in pursuing study abroad.
Goldring Student Centre, room 101 | 416-585-4582

Office of the Dean of Students

Responsible for student life on the Victoria University campus including services and programs for both residence and commuter students. If you have any questions about campus activities or have a concern of a non-academic nature, the Dean’s Office is a good place to start.
Goldring Student Centre | 416-585-4494

Office of the Registrar > Current Students > Office of the Registrar

Offers support and advice on academic, career, financial and personal matters. Come see us, especially if you experience any difficulty that affects your academic performance in any way.
Northrop Frye Hall, room 106 | 416-585-4508

Vic One Liaison Officer > Future Students > Vic One

Offers support to students in the Vic One program.
Victoria College (Old Vic), room 110 | 416-813-4097

Vic Program Officer > Current Students > Academic Programs

Provides information and support for Victoria College programs.
Victoria College (Old Vic), room 104 | 416-585-4441

Victoria University Library 

The E.J. Pratt Library collection numbers approximately 250,000 items and contains books, periodicals, documents, pamphlets and specialized material which support undergraduate studies at Victoria University.
71 Queen's Park Cres. East | 416-585-4467

Victoria College Orientation

Orientation week provides a great oppurtunity for newly-admitted students to become familiar with Victoria College and its community. 
Goldring Student Centre | 416-585-4473


Victoria University Student Administrative Council.
Goldring Student Centre | 416-585-4473

Writing Centre > Current Students > Tutorial Services

We offer a tutorial service on an individual appointment basis to students, lasting 50 minutes. Instructors help students learn to plan, organize, write and revise essays, reviews, lab reports, case studies, and other academic papers.
Northrop Frye Hall, room 103A,B | 416-585-4508

Future Students