Event date: Wednesday, March 30, 2016, from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Location: VC211, Old Victoria College Building

Adieu, Salut, Go

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Adieu / Salut / ‘Go’: Deconstruction and Painting
Among the many fields affected by deconstruction stands that of visual arts. This lecture addresses Jacques Derrida’s intervention in the area of painting and focuses on the artistic oeuvres he commented on in different moments of his career, particularly Pregnances on Colette Deblé, Lignes on Micaela Heinich and Primates on Camilla Adami as well as on some audio visual resources on the subject. Central themes explored include tekhnè, history and the feminine unconscious.

Silvana Carotenuto is Associate Professor at the University of Napoli “L’ Orientale”, Italy, where she teaches Contemporary English Literature, Critical Thought, and Postcolonial Studies. Her fields of research are Deconstruction, écriture féminine, poetry, and visual art. She earned her BA from the University of Napoli “L’ Orientale”, and her MA and PhD from the University of Essex, UK. Her recent scholarly works include “Go Wonder’: Plasticity, Dissemination And (The Mirage Of) Revolution” in B. Bhandar And J. Goldeberg-Hiller (Eds.), Plastic Materialities: Politics, Legality, And Metamorphosis In The Work Of Catherine Malabou, Duke University Press, Usa (2015) and “Passages d’innocence: la différence photographique dans l’oeuvre de Jacques Derrida”, Etudes Francaises, Toucher Des Yeux. Nouvelles Poétiques de l’ekphrasis, ed. by G. Michaud, Vol. 51, 2 (2015). Professor Carotenuto is currently working on a volume entitled The Book of Demeter. Visual Arts in Deconstruction.

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