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Late Term Work or Missed Exam? See the Petition Guide for information. Please note that Y course exams in the December examination period are considered term tests.

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Coat and bag storage in exam halls
Coats and jackets, with their pockets emptied, should be placed on the back of your chair. All other belongings, including notes, books, pencil cases, purses, laptops, switched off cellphones and any other unauthorized materials should be stored in a knapsack or large bag, which should then be closed securely and placed under your chair. As a general rule, keep only what you need and are allowed to have to write the exam on the desk and make sure you don't touch your coat or bag contents until the exam is over.

Academic offenses are avoidable. PLEASE REVIEW ALL RULES before your exam and listen carefully to instructions from invigilators.

Victoria College Registrar's Office, NF106 

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