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Upper-Year Courses and Programs

Creative Expression and Society will allow you to develop creative expression and communication, and to analyze the relationship between the creative arts and society.

Education and Society will enable you to pursue an interest in education. It complements majors such as Psychology, Sociology, English etc., develops skills in teaching that help prepare you for many occupations, and provides a strong background for a teacher education degree.

Literature and Critical Theory will allow you to explore existing and generate new links between literature and historical, cultural, political, social, and psychological forces.

Material Culture will engage you in the study of objects. The program fosters a multi-disciplinary approach to artefacts from antiquity to the present, by studying objects in their socio-cultural, aesthetic, economic, and technological contexts.

Renaissance Studies will provide you with exposure to one of the most critical periods in European and world history.

Science and Society (co-sponsored with IHPST) will allow to you to study the complex, interdependent relationship between science, technology, and society.

Semiotics and Communication Studies will let you investigate the science of communication and sign systems, as well as the ways people understand phenomena and organize them mentally.

Vic offers Internship, Independent Studies, and Capstone courses.

Combined Programs

The Combined Degree Program in Education is a joint initiative between Victoria College, the Faculty of Arts and Science, and OISE. Students in the Education and Society Minor Program can apply for early conditional acceptance into OISE's Master of Teaching Program.