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The program in Creative Expression and Society features two components: workshop-style courses allow students to develop skills in creative expression and communication, particularly creative writing, while other courses encourage students to analyze the relationship between creative arts and society.

Students choose from among courses focused on fiction, non-fiction, poetry and/or creative expression through music and visual media. Students in this program will also select from courses that explore topics including social innovation; ethics and accountability; the arts and public opinion; reception and interpretation; and censorship and criticism. Students in the Creative Expression and Society Minor will develop their creative skills while studying the interaction between social conditions and creative expression.


Program Contacts

Professor Adam Sol
Program Coordinator
Chris de Barros
Academic Liaison Officer

Program Requirements

To acquire a Minor in the Creative Expression and Society Program, you'll need to complete a total of 4.0 Full Course Equivalents (FCEs), including at least 1.0 FCE at the 300+ level. 

Please note:

  • Only 1.0 FCEs (at most) from the 100 Level will be counted towards your total
  • Up to 1.0 FCEs may be chosen from approved courses offered by other departments (see list of Cognate Courses below) 
At least 1.0 FCE from Group A – Creative Expression:

IVP210H1 — Holography for 3D Visualization
VIC273H1 — The Body: An Exercise
VIC275H1 — Creative Writing: Short Fiction
VIC276H1 — Writing for the Stage and Screen
VIC279H1 — Creative Writing: Creative Non-Fiction
VIC280H1 — Creative Writing: Poetry
VIC350Y1 — Creative Writing
VIC370H1 — Music and the Imagination
VIC470H1 — Soundscapes
VIC479H1 — The Novel: A Master Class 
VIC480H1 — Poetry: A Master Class

Note: (Where applicable) Students who achieve at least 77% in the Vic One course VIC191Y1 may count that course toward the Minor and use it to fulfill this requirement.

At least 1.0 FCE from Group B – Social Contexts and Interpretation:

VIC209H1 — How Stories Work
VIC223Y1 — Signs, Meanings & Culture
VIC235H1 — Innovation in Society
VIC270H1 — Listening: A Critical History
VIC271H1 — Reading the Wild
VIC281H1 — Popular Music, Technology and the Human
VIC320Y1 — Semiotics of Visual Art 
VIC335H1 — Ethical Enterprise and Critical Reflection
VIC352H1 — Love, Sex & Death in Short Fiction
VIC371H1 — Documentary Journalism
VIC372H1 — Reviewing, Reception, and Reading Communities
VIC373H1 — Materialities of Music
VIC435H1 — Capstone Seminar: Community-Engaged Research

Note: (Where applicable) Students who achieve at least 77% in the Vic One course VIC190Y1 may count that course toward the Minor and use it to fulfill this requirement.

(Up to) 1.0 FCE from Cognate Courses

Indigenous Studies
INS300Y1 — Worldviews, Indigenous Knowledges, and Oral Traditions

Cinema Studies
CIN201Y1 — Film Cultures 1: Art and Industry

East Asian Studies
EAS349H1 — Soundscapes and Modern China

ENG287H1 — The Digital Text
ENG388H1 — Creative Writing
ENG389H1/Y1 — Creative Writing

DRM428H1 — Advanced Playwriting

Fine Art History
FAH352H1 — 19th Century Photography
FAH377H1 — Dilemmas of Nature and Culture: Landscape Architecture Since 1850

Innis College
INI211H1 — Introduction to Creative Writing
INI311Y1 — Seminar in Creative Writing

MUS211H1 — The World of Popular Music

St. Michael's College
SMC219Y1 — Mass Media in Culture and Society
SMC229H1 — Readers and Readerships
SMC317H1 — Books, Media and Music
SMC319H1 — Media Ethics