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Program Details and Requirements

Literature and Critical Theory offers a wide-ranging and yet coherent adjunct to Major or Specialist programs in English, Classics, Modern Languages, Philosophy, Political Theory, Film Studies, Women's Studies, Caribbean Studies, Renaissance Studies, Semiotics, or any discipline in which the study of language, culture, or interpretation is central.

Program Requirements | Specialist, Major, and Minor

The Literature and Critical Theory program offers students a choice of Specialists, Majors, and a Minor. For details program requirements, please follow the link below.

LCT Program Requirements

The Literature and Critical Theory Program will attract students who are interested in exploring existing and generating new links between literature and historical, cultural, political, social, and psychological forces. The program trains students to think about how problems of the present are tied to those of the past, and to consider critically both how we represent this past and how we imagine possible futures. This requires reflecting on the logic of historical transmission and transformation, and on the ways in which cultural forms mediate our experience.


Program Contacts

Professor Shaun Ross
Program Coordinator
Chris de Barros
Academic Liaison Officer