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June 2020

Update from the Dean of Arts and Science regarding Convocation

June diplomas Office of Convocation website

November 2020

Requests will be accepted in ACORN from June 22, 2020 to September 10, 2020. If you are unable to make a request in ACORN, submit this form.

Degree Requirements and Confirmation

It is your responsibility to verify that all program of study and degree requirements are complete. Degree Explorer, an on-line tool, performs degree and program assessments. You may also make an appointment to review degree level requirements with an academic advisor at the Victoria College Office of the Registrar and Academic Advising. Please make sure that your programs of study are correct and up to date on ACORN before you make a graduation request. If you have questions about your program requirements, contact the academic unit (department).

If you request to graduate in June you will receive email confirmation of your program status from academic units (departments) in February or March. If you request to graduate in November, you will receive confirmation in September or October. Program status is also posted in Degree Explorer. If you have questions about the accuracy of a program assessment, please check with the academic unit (department).

Only the Faculty of Arts and Science can confirm that your degree requirements are complete. Confirmation is emailed in late October for November graduates and late May for June graduates. If you need early confirmation, request a Letter of Eligibility to Graduate. If your degree has already been conferred, you may request a University of Toronto Certification of Degree. Transcripts are available from the University of Toronto. Third parties are directed to the University of Toronto Confirmation of Degree website

Ceremony Dates and Guest Tickets

Ceremony dates and logistics are co-ordinated by the University of Toronto Office of Convocation


Your name in ACORN will appear on your diploma.

Is your name missing accents? If so, please see Office of Convocation webpage for information. For any other changes to your name, please contact the Victoria College Registrar's Office  to complete a Change of Name or Gender on Academic Record form. Deadlines for name changes and diplomas apply.

For updates regarding June 2020 ceremonies and diplomas, please see The Office of Convocation webpage

Students who upgrade to an Honours degree or a four-year degree are NOT eligible to attend a convocation ceremony to receive the upgraded degree. For those upgrading to an Honours degree, original diplomas must be returned to the Office of Convocation before new diplomas will be released.

Diplomas will not be released to students who have outstanding fees from previous sessions. To have a financial hold released, email proof of payment to Financial holds normally take 2-3 business days to clear. 


New Paramount Studios is the official photographer for Victoria College and Emmanuel College students graduating in 2020. The deadline for the 2020 Composite has been extended to August 15, 2020.

Message from New Paramount Studios (May 28, 2020)

All of us at New Paramount Studios would like to wish you and your families well and safe in these difficult times and we would like to send a very special THANK YOU to all future and past graduates who are working in jobs helping all of us, and who are helping those people with critical needs.

At the studio, we have been working very closely with all of our University/College/Faculty Convocation offices in developing a strategy which will help all of their graduates in the following situations;

  1. Graduates who have not been photographed who wish photographic memorabilia and to appear in the University/College/Faculty composites.
  2. International and Out of Province graduates who have not been photographed who wish to appear in the University/College/Faculty composites.
  3. Graduates who have been photographed and are awaiting completion of the composites and notification on how to receive their composites.
  4. Composites that have been created but the University/College/Faculty are closed and Convocation Ceremonies are canceled or deferred, therefore they cannot distribute the composites.

Our goal is to make sure that all graduating students have the opportunity to appear on their composites. New Paramount has always been in the forefront of graduation photography and our commitment to service is at the forefront in these difficult times. It is now that our Studio locations and our online abilities have shown themselves to be most valuable.

1. Graduates who have not been photographed who wish photographic memorabilia and to appear in their University/College/Faculty composites, our own photography studios

Commencing June 2, New Paramount Studios, under the guidelines set out by the Ministry of Health, will commence graduation photography sessions at both its photography studios in Toronto and Mississauga.

All photography sessions are at our studios only.

 Here’s How to Book an Appointment

  • Log onto: 
  • Enter: BOOK
  • Enter: University / College Graduation
  • Select: CLICK HERE
  • Register as a new user and log back in once you receive your pass code, find the studio you wish and book your appointment. Our focus is to make this a most memorable experience for you on this special occasion.

IMPORTANT! Photography Guidelines

  • Bookings will be scheduled at ½hr intervals off set on 2 photography areas adhering to social distancing guidelines.
  • When entering the studio you must be wearing a mask, which you will remove before your session.
  • Please arrive alone for your appointment as there will be no photographs with friends and family.
  • Upon arrival you will be asked to answer the Heath Canada Covid-19 questionnaire:Have you been out of the country in the last 14 days? Have you been in contact with anyone who has symptoms of COVID-19? Are you experiencing any symptoms? Fever, cough, shortness of breath
  • Please sanitize your hands and proceed to registration.
  • You will then proceed to the dressing area, where you will be gowned and hooded.
  • You will then be moved to the photography rooms.
  • All robes and hoods will be steam cleaned after each use.
  • All props will be sanitized after each use.

 Once we have you photographed, proofs will be uploaded for viewing and images will be created to include in you in your appropriate composite.If you would like any further information, or how we can help, please email us or call 1-416-653-5103.

2. International and Out of Province graduates who have not been photographed

All graduating students wishing to be represented on the University/College/Faculty composites but live out of province or internationally, will be permitted to submit a photograph of themselves within the guidelines set out below.

  • Photographs must be taken with a professional photographer.
  • Graduates must be wearing a black graduation gown with no school sash or hood.
  • Image must be head and shoulder with main light from subject right.
  • Green screen backgrounds must be used or dark gray if there is no green screen available.
  • No props ( flowers, degrees, graduation hats, etc)
  • Submitted image to be 2x3 or 4x5 inches @300 DPI

 Graduates will submit the image via email and the studio will contact the graduate for payment processing. The processing, photo shopping, and composite placement fee will be $25.

3. COMPOSITE COMPLETION – Our production facility 

  1. Graduates who have been photographed and are awaiting completion of the composites and notification on how to receive their composites. New Paramount Studios have been reaching out to all graduates photographed and informing them that composite creation has been delayed waiting until all of the graduating class is equally represented on the composite. Once the composite is completed New Paramount and in conjunction with the University/College/Faculty will inform all graduating students through email of the completion of the composite and with instructions on how to receive them. Either request to receive the high-resolution image online, pick up the printed composite at the studios or request to have them mailed/couriered to them directly. 

4. COMPOSITE DISTRIBUTION– Our Studio locations and Online Portal 

  1. Composites that have been created but the University/College are closed and Convocation Ceremonies are canceled or deferred, therefore they cannot distribute the composites. As uncertainty on openings to school offices and student space, University and Colleges may not be available to distribute their class composites to students.

New Paramount Studios has a solution to this problem with the following options after the completion and final proofing of the composites. New Paramount and in conjunction with the University/College/Faculty will notify all graduating students of these options.

  1. Direct pick up of their printed composites at either of our 2 studio locations Curbside pickup.
  2. Online viewing with direct option to mail and/or courier the composite to customers address.
  3. Distribution of High-resolution image thru the studios direct download portal.

If you would like any further information, or how we can help, please email or call 1-416-653-5103.

For further information please contact New Paramount Studios directly:

phone: 1-416-653-5103
837 St Clair Ave West, Toronto and 1412 Hurontario St, Mississauga 

Previous Year Composites and Ceremony Photos/Frames

You may pick up composite photos from 2019 and previous years are at the Victoria College Registrar's Office, NF106 when we reopen. 


Students in their final year are offered several opportunities to be recognized and celebrated both at the University of Toronto and at Victoria College. For more information, see Graduating Awards.

If you are planning further studies, consider applying for a Postgraduate Scholarship.

Future Planning

The best way to figure out what type of options are available to you is by attending information sessions. Information sessions are held all over U of T campus as well as on the campus of other schools that you are thinking of applying to. Below we've compiled some upcoming events on campus and at Vic that will be helpful for you as you try and figure out what's next for you!

Other Events on Campus:

More Campus Resources:

Finding Post-Degree Programs: