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Applicants and Newly-Admitted Students

If you are applying to the Faculty of Arts and Science or have recently been admitted, please see admission information.

Current Arts and Science Students 

If you are currently a member of another St. George campus college and wish to be considered for a transfer to Victoria College, please complete our Transfer Application - Here. 

Each year, we have a limited number of spaces available and will only consider students with a competitive CGPA (approximately B or higher). 

Requests to transfer are most likely to be approved at the end of a student's first year, though students at the end of their second year may also apply. Students who have completed more than 10.0 credits are not eligible for consideration. 

The deadline to apply for each fall/winter academic year is June 1. Please note that we will not consider requests received after the deadline.

We cannot guarantee successful transfers or a place in residence. Please contact the Office of the Dean of Students for more information about residence via or call 416-585-4494.